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We Manage the Medically Complex.

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We are a care management company focused on the needs of patients with chronic and complex medical conditions. We connect facilities, providers, and home and community based care services in order to coordinate care for improved outcomes and decreased costs.

How We Provide Value.

  • Connect

  • Organize

  • Align

Everyone’s Connected.

A complete, active care management platform enables real-time, cross-boundary collaborative care. Patients are connected to care teams and care teams are connected to critical care plan and treatment information. Mobile and web-based access options ensure convenient access from home and bedside. PCPs, case managers, hospitalists, family members, home health, personal care assistants and patients can all view, contribute and share information to improve care access and delivery.

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Everyone's Working Together.

AllyAlign organizes, engages and empowers providers across the continuum of care. We identify high-performing nursing homes, skilled facilities, home health agencies and other core long term and post acute care providers. A centralized care team enabled by the AllyAlign platform supports patients through transitions and care level changes. AllyAlign Personal Care Coordinators (PCCs) provide in-person patient visits and act as a single point of care coordination for PCPs and plan case managers. This simplifies care plan administration, improves accountability, reduces resource utilization and keeps everyone coordinated and working together.

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Everyone Benefits.

AllyAlign offers benefits for plans, patients and providers including:

  • Improving access to and use of community-based caregivers and support programs
  • Preventing avoidable ER and inpatient admissions
  • Improving medication compliance and regimens
  • Avoiding service duplication
  • Reducing unnecessary services
  • Preventing fraud and abuse within the system

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